Billionaire 2.6/2.7/2.8x

Billionaire Board Game

Billionaire is a strategy game based on the classic game Monopoly. Rise up to the challenge of being the best entrepreneur in the city. Billionaire is a game set in an urban city where your goal is to purchase real estate and different properties to gain fortune and eventually defeat rival players to bankruptcy.

You can acquire properties by purchasing them, building infrastructures to raise collections and improve the worth of your assets, invest on capital bonds and stock market, or buy your competitor's businesses and properties.

The first one to earn his billion wins. Players can establish or buy businesses, think out game plans and strategies to beat the opponent and earn more.

Billionaire is a game for the whole family that everyone will surely enjoy. Test your business skills and strategy in this game as the game is capable of storing high scores that you can submit online to see how well you fare in the business game.

The game has a board game-like interface to get the classic board game feel. Billionaire is easy to install and is compatible to work with all versions of Windows operating system, requiring at least 32MB of RAM.

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Billionaire 2.6/2.7/2.8x

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